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  Tsuinsunēku , Twin Snakes of Duality

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Sunize Sideswipe

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PostSubject: Tsuinsunēku , Twin Snakes of Duality   Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:55 pm

Organization name: Tsuinsunēku meaning twin snake

Symbol/Tattoo that all members wear:

Leader/ Founder: Sunize Sideswipe
Moral affinity: Rouge group with loose morality of right and wrong. Not inherently evil or good.

Our symbol is the two snakes that are called Honne and Tatemae. Honne is the white half of the snake which represent the behavior and opinions displayed in public and what is expected by society. Tatemae, the black half, represents one’s true feelings and desires. They are conflicting forces that represent the duality of our group. Our group is divided to represent both sides of our symbol the more moral side representing Honne and the more outlaw side being Tatemae. While both are not inherently good or evil, they are often mistaken as such. To outsiders it appears that we have a big split in the group. However, while we do squabble sometimes, in the end, we all respect both ways that our group operates since both parts of the seemingly separate sides of the group will flip their standpoint at a moments notice and do something that is considered unlawful and vice versa. Since outsiders see us as split, they call the ones in our group that do good and those they view as good as "the Honne no hebi" and the ones they view as bad "Tatemae no hebi", but in reality, we are not separate and still operate as one.

Every single one of the Tsuinsunēku have the group symbol tattooed somewhere on their body sometimes changing the tattoo a bit. Those that represent the Honne side will sometimes have the White snake on top (like the picture above) and the Tatemae side will sometimes have it reversed with the black snake on top. The only ones that don’t follow that growing trend are the Leader/Founder and the second in command. They have the tattoo with the Honne and Tatemae in shades of grey. (Honne being light grey and Tatemae being dark grey)Which represents being the middle ground of the group that accepts both parts equally.

Once part of the Tsuinsunēku you will have a Tarot card that is a representation of you. It serves as a sort of ID card along with the tattoo. The card will appear blank, it is only when it is infused with Nen that the card will reveal that it is a Tarot card. Number order does not matter the Tarot card represents the member  

Rank and Tarot card representation thus far (will be updated when new members join):
Sunize Sideswipe: Leader/Founder. Tarot card- 13 Death

Noemi Mayou: Second in command (SIC) Tarot Card – 18 The Moon

Hiro Yoway: Tarot Card - 1 The Magician 

Post below if you want to join the group. If you are interested start thinking of the Tarot card you want representing you here is a link giving you the meanings of the Major Arcana you can choose from the Minor Arcana but I would like for you all to use the Major first if possible .

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Tsuinsunēku , Twin Snakes of Duality
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