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 Rules and Guidebook (All you need to know about the forum)

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidebook (All you need to know about the forum)   Sat Sep 05, 2015 5:05 pm


1. No spamming

2. Please do not use explicit language as this is an RP site for all ages. You can use mild language such as damn, hell, ass, bastard etc.… those are acceptable.

3. No double posting.
If you have something to add to the RP and you have already posted, edit the post. Do not post again! If you do edit a post make sure to inform the other roleplayers of the change so that they can post accordingly.

4. No cutting! (This forum operates in a turn based system.)
When posting, especially with many characters in the same topic, try to make the posts in a sort of turn based manner. This makes posting a lot easier. However, like with anything there can be exceptions, such as if in a previous post someone ask a specific character a question. That person to which the question is directed towards should post directly after. This can mess up the order temporarily but is an easy fix if the person who was supposed to post posts after said person then the order is resumed, as I said makes posting easier and it looks better.
There are Four roleplayers, Sally, Dale, Devon and Mike (this is the order of posts).
Sally asks Devon a question in post. Devon posts directly after Sally .Then Dale, who was supposed to post previously posts next is Mike and the order restarts after everyone has had a turn to post and return to the order of Sally, Dale, Devon and Mike.

5. No God Modding! God-Modding is when a character is able to do whatever they want (I.e. blocking everything, dodging everything, and overpowered characters.) with no consequences.

6. Give people a chance to respond when posting. You cannot just strike down another person’s
Character in one post. Give them ample time to have their character to fight back.

7. Respect your fellow Roleplayers and Admin within the forum. Insulting, cursing, harassing, or otherwise attempting to or causing harm to another player will result in severe consequences. If you are being harassed/bullied on the site please inform an Admin. Those bullying any of the members on the site will be warned a total of three time. After three warnings and if the behavior continues the person will get banned from the site.
It is important when reporting any harassment to an Admin to submit a picture of the issue and as much information as possible on the situation to an Admin to resolve the issue/conflict. It is difficult to solve the issue if all we have to go on is a "he said, she said".

8. Use Half decent grammar.
No text talk (lol ,btw lmao etc.) These can be used in the chatbox but not in any post.

9. You must create a character in order to participate in any RP.


1.       Please be polite and ask someone to join the topic before appearing into one.

2.       Do not try to make your character the center of attention. Be polite and share attention with the other characters.

3.       Never include someone’s character in a written story that didn’t actually happen exactly as written without letting that character’s player proofread and approve the story before you post it.

4.       Please, and I cannot stress this enough, accept a loss when you have been beaten in combat.

5.       Be clear on the Roleplay setting. When you start a thread it is important to note where the thread is set, what time of day it is, and what is going on. It is important to describe the scenery for the other players.It can be very confusing if one person posts their character acting like it is night and another posts that it's day.

6.       Roleplay order, just follow a simple post order from how you all joined the topic.


Character Dialogue will be indicated between parenthesis. These things --> (““)        

Thoughts of a character will be written in Italics

All actions will be written normally


Controlling other player's characters is strictly forbidden without the other player's consent. However, other actions such as dismembering, immobilizing, incapacitating and killing are allowed under circumstances according to the respective rules. It is also not acceptable to assume you know what another character will do unless discussed with the person you are Roleplaying with. Do not put in your post the reaction that another person’s character will have to your action/attack.

Remember in the RP your actions have consequences. This applies to players and characters equally. Players breaking the rules will get punishment corresponding to the severity of their violation. The same goes for characters, the game world has laws, which when broken or ignored is like being wanted with a bounty for stealing and killing, it can or will cause ramifications.
It is important to note when Role playing that what a player knows, a character does not necessarily. Just because you know the planned outcome of a scene or adventure, does not mean your character knows how to handle the situation. Also, player conflicts are player conflicts and should not be carried into the RP, and vice versa character problems are not problems between players.

Please try and inform everyone if you are taking a leave of absence .For one, it helps out the people that are Roleplaying with you so they know to either wait for your reply or to continue without you until you return. To put it plainly it is just common sense that not informing others of your absence is inconvenient for all.

No killing off another player’s character without their explicit permission.


In the world on Hunter x Hunter there will be a ton of fighting. There are going to be essentially two types of fighting PvE (players vs everyone) which is essentially just fights with various NPCs. These fights can involve one or more players. The next type of combat will be PvP (player vs player) this is where things get really heated. PvP offers a more strategical approach to combat and also requires the User to pay attention to a lot more things.

PvE combat:

NPCs are controlled by the one or more users in combat, which mean in post actions from both sides can take place.

PvP combat:
In PvP and some PvE combat there is the possibility of death to your character but you cannot kill off another person’s character without their written permission. If a Character dies he or she is gone, you get to keep absolutely nothing, the only option you have is to make a new character. Again it will be mentioned now that God-Modding or controlling anyone else’s actions but your own characters is strictly forbidden.  If they are not a NPC, you cannot control what another character does.


The world of Hunter X Hunter is very vast and traveling can be both fun and dangerous.
Due to the nature of not every location in the world being at the same spot and needs to be traveled to, it is usually complicated to justify being in too many places at once. Not only does it prove a chronological problem in general, it is also unrealistic to be in one place at a given moment and at another place on the other side of the globe in the next. Characters are only allowed to be in one location at a time, in up to 2 threads: One entirely social and one that may include combat of any kind. Switching locations requires appropriate travel.
When traveling try not to just appear/ teleport to locations add some conflict on the way to places
Example: On the way to Yorknew City you have a run in with some bandits who try and rob you just outside the city.

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Rules and Guidebook (All you need to know about the forum)
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