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 Departure X and X Judgement

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Hiro Yoway


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PostSubject: Departure X and X Judgement   Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:21 am

Well then... I guess that's it.

I let out a relaxed sigh as I stared at the two fully-loaded backpacks before me.
Today is the day of my departure.
Next step will be the Hunter exam.

It's not long after dawn. I've left a letter on Mama's desk. She already knows I had decided to give the exam a shot, and she's fully aware that I barely made enough money in time. 

No more time to slack off. Let's go.

I strap the backpacks and start walking at the fast pace I'm used to.
After a while, I remembered the conversation I overheard at the bar a few days ago.

This information dealer had come all the way from Yorknew City. He went into a corner to talk with another mysterious-looking guy. I had made the right choice by sitting a few meters from them. Thanks to my sharp hearing I got most of their conversation even in spite of the noise around us.
"First Phase of the Hunter exam will happen in there...beware...white rabbit...". They also talked about how many attendants they were this year, and that the selection might turn harder because of that.
I honed my resolve before leaving the bar and returning home. I finally had some decent intel, from a reliable man known for his efficiency as an information dealer. The guy he talked with might even be a Hunter himself.

I had carefully prepared my journey, and after two days of torough walking I make it to the next town.
There are a few merchants open, but I see nothing of interest amid the stalls as I go.

Suddenly, as I reached a dead end while lost in thoughts...
Something moved in the corner.
It was definitely a small creature, and it had barely made any sound.
I steadily walk along the wall facing the corner where that thing had moved, then carefully crouch on the ground.
Before me was a rabbit. Its fur
I tilted. The guy I had intel from had talked about a white rabbit, and this one wasn't.
Does that mean the black one is OK? How aware do I have to be with this little one?

Wait. It's looking at me.
What could...

"Hi, young man. Will you stop at this wall or take the street?"

The rabbit had talked.
Jeez, you scared me man! I didn't know you were a Magic Beast!

"Pleased to meet you, Sir Rabbit", I replied. "What should happen if I were to choose the wrong road?"

"You shall learn about books and skins, and that they can hit you hard" he said.

I had heard of a rabbit indeed. All I knew about it was that it was somewhat dangerous, as well as it was white. What I had discovered just now was that a seemingly different rodent had just offered me to choose between two roads. One seemingly blocked by flipping bricks, the other clean as day.
Books and...their skin I think... Books and covers, right?
I have no intention to get hit hard...
Alright let's relax.

I carefully choose my words.
"I'll be heading forward and through this wall...Sir White Rabbit".

The creature smiled and giggled.
"Well done, young man, well done! You already know not to judge a book by its cover!"

He suddenly changed shape, morphing into some sort of a white wolfrabbit. He then barked at the wall, which slowly opened up.
"Hurry up, there's little time before the first Phase starts. We'll be in Yorknew in a few hours."

Ah damn, my clothes are soaked again.
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Departure X and X Judgement
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