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Sunize Sideswipe

Female Posts : 17
Join date : 2015-09-05
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PostSubject: YORKNEW CITY!   Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:43 am

Ugh when will this torture end all I’ve had to look at for days on end is nothing but desert and sand. For being on the same damn continent Yorknew is a long way from Meteor.

A few more hours passed and just as the sun had begun to set I spotted in the distance on the horizon the tall buildings and skyscrapers that made up Yorknew City.

“Finally made it!”

I exclaimed excited that my long trek was over ,I had finally after all this time made it to Yorknew City. With a burst of renewed energy I sprinted towards the city. I reached the city just as the night began, the moon high in the sky.

I’ve at last I’ve made it, now to look for some information on the upcoming Hunter exam. Well maybe not now it is night but then again it could be the perfect opportunity to gather information now that it is night. Ugh nothing can ever be simple can it?

I gingerly walk down the crowded streets of Yorknew pick-pocketing a couple (4 people. Stole 8,000 Jenny) people as I go. All that could be heard in the nightlife of this city were shouts of people trying to sell you useless items for ridiculous amounts of money.

About what I expected for the largest trade city in the world. I should stay away from the sales vendors if I asked any of them for information of the exam they would undoubtedly charge me for said info.

Just a few feet in front of me I heard a women’s squeal of joy. I turned my gaze to where the women was to find her in front of another women that was behind a table. From the contents on the table I deducted this women was a fortuneteller.

A fortuneteller huh? Well she probably is a fake but women like her usually come across quite a bit of valuable information in. I’ll give it a shot.

I make my way to the fake fortuneteller.


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Noemi Mayou

Female Posts : 3
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Roaming the streets of Yorknew
Job/hobbies : Second in command of Tsuinsunēku (20,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: YORKNEW CITY!   Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:20 am

Ahh~ This city is great! So many people here… and a lot of gullible ones too~ Easy pickings! Who knew so many people would think I was an actual fortuneteller? At 1000 Jenny a reading, I’m able to get by fairly well. As of now I still have 15,000 Jenny after paying for my food and housing. Way more than what I’m used to having!

I stand up to stretch as I’ve been sitting on a blanket on the cold hard ground for far too long.

I’ve been here two weeks now moving around the city so that I can avoid being tracked down by any unhappy customers. How annoying! I wonder if I can stay at least another week before moving on. . . or would that be pushing things? I think to myself as I sit back down to read a love fortune to a young couple.

I should probably call it quits soon… Don’t want to push my luck. 

I look up towards at the young couple and continued with my little show. Moving my hands across the cards as I close eyes then I had each of them take one card from the deck and pick the last one together. As I flipped the cards over I explain what each card meant.

“. . . So in other words, this is wonderful news! You’re meant to be together! Having grabbed the card of the sun together is such a rarity! This union is destined to stay together! Be sure to cherish every moment you two are together as these moments are fleeting and will soon turn into pleasant memories. And don’t forget. One of you drew the card of the empress. Make sure that you keep this relationship a well-balanced one or this perfect union will fail.”

The couple thanked me and went on their merry way and I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes at their naivety.

“Morons.” I mutter under my breath.

I look around to see if I can spot my next vic. . . customer and spot a gorgeous teenage girl, possibly 16 years old, with long, flowing, fire red hair and a confident aura. She starts to make her way towards me.

Ohh. I wouldn’t have pegged her as the sort that would fall for fortunetelling thing. How disappointing. But hey if there weren’t people like her in the world then I’d be out of a job. I decide to call out to her.

“Hey there! Want to know your future? In love and in the need of advice? I’m your girl! A thousand Jenny a reading. I also have charms you can buy to help you in various aspects of your life. Such as passing your exams at school, relationships, safety, finances, and finding something that you’ve been looking for. All charms are only 300 Jenny! What do you say?” I grin at her.

“Come now, sit down.” I say as I wave my hand downwards in a cheerful manner.
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Sunize Sideswipe

Female Posts : 17
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Sleeping in the middle of a sunny afternoon.
Job/hobbies : Leader of Tsuinsunēku (14,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: YORKNEW CITY!   Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:59 pm

I almost laugh at this women’s overly cheerful sales pitch. Acting is if I was a customer I sit across from the fake fortuneteller. I hand her the 1,000 Jenny that I acquired (~cough~stole~cough~) earlier and she fans out the tarot cards for me and tells me to pick three. I reach for the card to the far left. It took all my will power to suppress the laughter that bubbled in me as I looked at which card I drew, Death. I smirked as I laid it down and picked the other two cards which were the Moon and Magician. Past was represented with Death, present the Moon and finally future the Magician. Before the fortuneteller can tell me the meaning of the cards I interrupt her.

“Save the fake fortunetelling ma’am, I am not so gullible. What I have come to you for is some information. I know in your profession that a lot of people let some things slip. Now what have you heard regarding the Hunter Exam?”

I lace my hands together and rest my chin on them and give her an obviously fake smile awaiting her answer.

Hm I should probably give this women some incentive not to lie or withhold any pertinent information she may have.

Just enough where she can feel it, I flare up my Nen aura a bit for intimidation but put no ill intent to it so all she can feel is the looming pressure.

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Hiro Yoway


Male Posts : 4
Join date : 2015-09-20
Age : 22
Location : Deep down in a cave
Job/hobbies : Digging stuff out, meeting people, hiking and taking a hot bath.

PostSubject: Re: YORKNEW CITY!   Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:01 pm

Meanwhile, I had just arrived in Yorknew after a restless rabbitride.

"Now then, youth, you may continue on your own. Best of luck!", said my guide. He then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

What an intriguing creature. Very polite as well!
"Hmph, I feel bad now that he left so suddenly. I didn't even get time to properly thank him!" I mumbled before staring at my surroundings. This was nowhere near anything I had seen during my childhood days. Every building seemed radiant with colourful features, glittering with creativity. A brilliant capital, truly.

Before I could get lost in my amazement for good, I paused to wonder as to where the Exam might held place.
Yet, even in spite of a torough brainstorming, I was fairly clueless. In front of endless possibilities, I decided to simply wander around the city, and keep a sharp eye.

Nothing fishy in that street...none there either...
Hm? There was a couple before that fountain a second ago! They couldn't vanish into thin air!
I should check it out.

Approaching the foutain carefully, I watched out for anything that would look like a mechanism. Nevermindind the stares of neighbouring pedestrians, I checked every piece of stone multiple times from multiple distances.
There's gotta be something that can trigger a hidden passage...
Oh! That piece looks rather oddly placed...

As I pressed the stone with my left palm, I felt as if I were sucked into a huge throat.
I fell for what felt like 20 meters.
As I touched the ground, my eyes quickly got accustomed to the low light of the large room I had landed into.
Dozens, no, hundreds of people were attending here. All of them wore a small disc with numbers written on it.

A man dressed in black swiftly reached out to me. "Welcome to the Hunter Exam waiting room. Here's your plate. Keep it safe!"
" you..." I said. He was long gone.

Jeez. I feel a bit lonely... And most of the attendants look a bit hostile.
What should I do?

Ah damn, my clothes are soaked again.
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PostSubject: Re: YORKNEW CITY!   

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