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 Jenny System

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Sunize Sideswipe

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PostSubject: Jenny System   Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:05 pm

Jenny System

1 Jenny = .01¢ of money (this is the ratio: Jenny to USD)

Ex. 150 Jenny = $1.50 as mentioned in the anime is enough for a can of soda.

Everyone starts out with 1,000 Jenny, just enough for a few meals and drinks.

Ways to earn Jenny:

By posting:
Basic posts are worth 3,000 Jenny so any post below 500 words is worth this amount.

Long posts: 5,000 Jenny, has to have a word count of at least 500 words.

Only posts in the RP sections count! That way it is fair for everyone. 

Thievery: You will only be able to pickpocket or steal money from people 4 times a day and the amount each time is set at 2,000 Jenny. So in total you can make while stealing is 8,000 Jenny. This applies to only NPC's of the RP.

Stealing from RP members works differently. You are able steal from people of the RP whether it be from silent pick-pocketing or from besting them in a fight you are only able to take a max of 10% of their total amount of Jenny.
10% is Total Jenny amount X(times) .1 the product of that is how much Jenny you earn.
Missions: You can earn higher amounts of Jenny by doing missions for the Hunter Association or by pulling heists, if you are part of an outlaw group. This option is only available to those who have taken the Hunter exam and passed. Amount of Jenny that can be made varies and will be assigned when the mission is issued by an Admin. Bonus Jenny can be added by Admin if they feel you have done an amazing job writing a post fulfilling a mission or heist.  

When using any of these methods add in parentheses in your posts that you made however much money you made. Have your total amount in your profile in the Job/Hobbies section.  Also please do not try and put that you have more money then you actually should have.


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Hiro Yoway


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PostSubject: Re: Jenny System   Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:43 am

Sweet, smart way to make people post.  Wink
I guess the Application post doesn't count?

Do posts made elsewhere than on RP sessions are included?
Like Fanart or reviews. Or here.

Ah stealing is way too mean for me let's post boys  Pb jelly time
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Jenny System
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