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 Approved Applications

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Sunize Sideswipe

Female Posts : 17
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Sleeping in the middle of a sunny afternoon.
Job/hobbies : Leader of Tsuinsunēku (14,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Approved Applications   Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:49 pm

Only those approved by the admin may post here. See the character application rules on how to submit your character for approval. Those users that have been approved and told to post their character here will wait for the admin that approved them to post confirming that approval. Please do not post in any of the RP sections,the sections below Question & Suggestions, until after the confirmation has gone through.
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Sunize Sideswipe

Female Posts : 17
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Sleeping in the middle of a sunny afternoon.
Job/hobbies : Leader of Tsuinsunēku (14,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:20 pm

Name: Sunize Sideswipe

Age: 18 but looks a couple years younger with her innocent-ish looks and kinda short height. Looks approximately around 15 or 16 years old.

Appearance: Wild red-ish orange hair that fades into a light orange at the tips and reaches a little past the small of her back in length. She has two different colored eyes; the left eye being black and the right being a soft gold. Height is about 5’3” and weighting 51.26 Kg (113 lb.). Sunize wears a white tank-top looking vest with a black sleeveless shirt underneath and black leggings with knee high black boots. The right leg of the leggings and boots being shredded exposing her thigh all the way down to the knee. Right boot has a shin guard while the left does not. The left has a boot and 3 belts wrapped around her left thigh. Height it boosted an inch and a half with the black clawed gloves with guards on them. On her right thigh has a double ended light and dark grey snake tattoo (Tsuinsunēku group tattoo).

Personality: Sunize has a bright mischievous personality which causes her to be quite the prankster. She is also very easy going and accepting of most people but don't let that fool you she was one of the worse tempers imaginable when you do anger her. Though Sunize does appear pretty bright and happy, deep down she suffers from loneliness and depression because the death of her twin brother. Sunize never shows this side of her normally it is only visible on August 13th, the anniversary of her bro's death, when all her feelings can no longer be contained within her.

Weapons used: Incredibly strong axe bass guitar and small extremely sharp daggers.

Sunize Sideswipe was a resident of the notorious Meteor City. She was abandoned there as a baby along with her younger twin brother Kass. They were found on, August 13th by some of the citizens and were taken care of by a number of them, being given just enough food not to die from starvation and clothing up until the age of 7 when the people keeping the twins alive thought was a good age for them to begin to fend for themselves. Out of the pair, Sunize was the cheerful and mischievous one of the twins which contrasted well with Kass as he was the quiet, calm and serious twin. To get by, Sunize had to resort to thievery in order to keep her and her twin alive; first stealing small bits of food which later elevated to pick-pocketing. Sunize soon became a master thief and made sure she and her brother were well feed. A few years later now at age 11 Kass and Sunize started a plan to leave Meteor City but pick-pocketing wouldn’t be enough to leave, as it was barely enough to keep them fed. To make enough money, there were only two options: join the mafia, which was a prevalent force in Meteor City but had the drawback of being inducted for life, or join the underground gladiator ring.  So, both Sunize and Kass at the age of 11 joined the Gladiator Pits of Meteor City. Through a completely harsh environment, Sunize never lost her mischievousness often pulling pranks along with Kass. (Helped Sunize with the pranks but Sunize was the mastermind behind them) Through the years Sunize and Kass quickly rose through the ranks of the Gladiatorial Pit, being quite the formidable team. 

Skip to age 15, Sunize and Kass finally had enough money to leave Meteor City and the Gladiator Pits behind, having had numerous setbacks due to the greed of the Gladiator Pit owners. The day was August 13th ,the twins birthday(though not really),Sunize was coming back from the Meteor City art supplies store having bought some art stuff for Kass, him being a rising artist that sold his work that helped contribute funds to get out of Meteor. Sunize waited for Kass to come to their room in order to give him his present and so they could pack up to finally leave Meteor City. Sunize waited hours and after getting impatient went to look for him. She searched all throughout town the only place Sunize had not looked was the ring that she, her brother and all the gladiators fought in. So Sunize made her may there where she soon found the horrible sight of Kass dead in a pool of his own blood in the ring. Next to Kass’s dead body was a voodoo doll of him stuck with needles, in the places where he had bleed. Sunize was distraught sobbing almost hysterically for a long time before tears were no longer able to fall from her eyes. Sunize then buried Kass in a place special to them, a cliff outside the city whereas kids they use to watch the sunset and the stars. Months after Kass’s death Sunize looked for clues of her brothers killer but found none the only hint was the voodoo doll that she found next to him. Concluding that the killer was no longer in Meteor City Sunize packed up her belongings to leave. That is when she found her now most prized possession. Hidden under the bed was a large case that was carefully wrapped in colorful paper topped with a bow with her name on it. Unwrapping the present, which was undoubtingly from her brother, revealed a red and metallic black edged axe bass guitar.  

In the three years that Sunize left Meteor City, she discovered and developed Nen. With the discovery of Nen Sunize finally sought to take the infamous Hunter Exam. But not without taking a year to develop her Nen more and start to form a group called the Tsuinsunēku.

Family: Younger twin brother- Kass (Deceased)

Kass has black eyes instead of red.

Nen Type: Specialization

Nen Ability: Gravitational control 
Can bend gravity to make the environment either heavy of light, cause objects to “fall” towards another object instead of the earth, flatten objects and generate mini black holes to compress objects into oblivion. They can repel or attract matter regardless of its mass in a way that is similar to telekinesis.
Key points of basic powers/abilities/capabilities: 

Attract and repulse people or objects (similar to telekinesis).
Increase gravity in order to crush or immobilize opponents.
Decrease gravity in order to render opponent defenseless.
Surround one’s body in a gravitational field to amplify strength.
Create black holes.
Create white holes (the theoretical reversal of black holes).
Ability to hover/fly/glide by making gravity low around me. Can use with added sound vibrations to move faster.

Conditions on basic powers/abilities/capabilities:
Strengthening through gravitational force can only be used on objects, such as a weapon, to make them stronger.

Strengthening of a person can only be used for defensive purposes instead of making you hit harder it fortifies your defensive strength and allows you to be able to take more damage than you could usually.
Sound must be present to be able to hover/fly/glide faster either by using the sound around me and harnessing it or creating it with my bass. Less sound= slower speed and vice versa.
Named special abilities:
Gate to Aether: The ability to create a black which sucks in any object that Sunize chooses. This ability can be reversed and all that is sucked into it can be spat out later on. Aether’s gate acts as a personal pocket dimension.

Condition: Black hole capabilities can only be used on non-living objects. So can't suck in people that are alive. Basically used as inter-dimensional storage portal.

High-Frequency BA: Strengthens Sunize’s bass guitar with the use of gravity to surround and pouring Nen into the strings creating and controlling the vibrations making the sound vibrate at an extremely high frequency that will allow for the bass to cut through almost any material with ease. Can be used hands free using gravitational powers but then the power output is lowered and will only be able to cut through  objects no stronger than steel.(so cutting through bone is a no)

Condition: Can only be used for 33 minutes.

Vow/limitation: If used for more than 33 minutes the high-frequency vibrations will start to damage Sunize and will cause minor limb paralysis for as long as she used this power passed the time limit and the time will double with each extended use. Paralysis extends first to the arms down to the legs with each time condition is broken.

Aurora Borealis Blast: Creates gravity and manipulates it to form a small ball and makes in rotate/spin in a circular motion while simultaneously creating sound waves around that gravity ball and will absorb into it. The ball will suck everything into the core of it to a molecular level .Once it can no longer maintain or is forced it will explode violently (very colorful blast) and cause devastating damage.

Conditions: Is a long range attack can only be used with Sunize’s bass and can only be launched by being hit with the bass as if it was a baseball.
Use limit: Can only be used up to 8 times.
Vow/Limitation: Being launched by any other method will cause it to become unstable and explode automatically.

Black Porcelain: Using gravity and compressing it into a thin round/oval tangible fixture which can be used to block attacks as a temporary shield. Looks like dark tinted semitransparent glass.
Conditions: Breaks/shatters as soon as attack is blocked can’t be used to block continuous attacks.

Sunize is currently unable to use all special named abilities except for the Gate of Aether and Black Porcelain. 


Last edited by Sunize Sideswipe on Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:02 am; edited 3 times in total
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Noemi Mayou

Female Posts : 3
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Roaming the streets of Yorknew
Job/hobbies : Second in command of Tsuinsunēku (20,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:30 pm


(Side note: It's such a shame your brother died... You know why. XD)

Last edited by Noemi Mayou on Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:26 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Noemi Mayou

Female Posts : 3
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Roaming the streets of Yorknew
Job/hobbies : Second in command of Tsuinsunēku (20,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:04 pm

Basic information/looks
First & Last Name: Noemi Mayou

Age: Unknown. (Appears to be 17-19 years old.) 

Eyes: Narrow/sharp Violet eyes

Hair Color/Style: Hair color is jet black and transitions into various shades of blue with a few strands of black, starting about two inches from the roots and continues to the ends. Something like this:

Her hair has loose curls and falls to her mid-back and is half up in a bun which is held together with a hair stick. 

Height & Weight: Height is 5’1” and weight is 120 pounds (54.4 Kg) Built is slightly toned. 

Clothing: She wears a long, black trench coat that falls to about mid-calf. The trench coat has two buckle straps on both sides of the sleeves just above the elbow. The sleeves of the trench coat are laced up like you would do for a corset or a shoe, with white laces that extends from the shoulders to the wrists and the end of the sleeves drooping downwards slightly almost like kimono sleeves. The coat also has two slits which divide the coat at the bottom into three sections, starting from upper thigh and cut through the end of the material. She typically wears this coat of hers open, unless it is cold. When it is open you will see my dark blue shirt and the best way I can describe the shirt is that it’s sort of an ‘X’ shape. The shirt has a v neckline and then goes into an inverted “v” shape which exposes her bellybutton and a tattoo. She wears grey jeans which have the same lace like a corset or a shoe as the coat did. Noemi also wears boots that end right at the beginning of the calf muscle and have white lace. The boots are all black except for the tips which are a dark grey and the stitching which is white. The boots have three buckles just above the ankle. In her hair she wears a black hair stick which has two short chains that hang off of the top and at the end of each chain there’s a charm; one is a gold sun and another is a silver moon. (I know that’s a very rough description. A picture will be up soon.) I also wear a crescent moon necklace and my double pierced ears have stud earrings on either side, one blue and another grey.

Weapons: For protection I carry around a short sword which is typically coated in some sort of poison. The sword has a dark red hilt with a white crisscross design; the hilt also has a hole at the end which has two chains that hang off that is identical to the one on my hair stick. I also carry various poisons, sleeping medications, and gas bombs which help me to be able to carry out my nen abilities while in a pinch. (All hidden within my trench coat of course!) 

Special features: I have two tattoos. One my left side next to my belly button which looks like this:  

 and the other is a light and dark grey snake tattoo (Tsuinsunēku group tattoo) which is located on my right hand. 


Origin: Unknown

Family: Unknown.

Close people: Mr. and Mrs. Wakahisa- (deceased) elderly couple who took me in for a year.  Other than that nobody until I got to know Sunize and got dragged into her wild idea of creating an organization. But truth be told I really love all of those people in Tsuinsunēku like they are my true family. 

Personality & Behavior: To be brief, Noemi is a tsundere and is sassy with occasional emo-like moments. Calm and calculating but at the same time has moments when she is pretty sarcastic, likes to tease (lightly), and loses her temper. When she loses her temper she can come off as a little sadistic when dealing with her enemies. She has a strong intuition and is able to create plans swiftly. Her emo-like moments come when her dreams come back to haunt her. Are they real or just a dream? She sometimes feels as if she’ll go mad with all of the confusion she gets with her own dreams. 

History/ Background: Noemi’s past is surrounded with mystery. She awoke in the middle of nowhere in the continent Yorbian when she was around 13-15 years with no memory as to who she was, covered in scrapes and bruises and few specks of blood on her clothing. She awoke on the ground with a scrap piece of paper, with a couple of drops of blood on it, still clutched in her hand, she is unable to read the language or code that is on the paper and has not found any leads yet. At this time she already had the tattoo that is by her bellybutton. However, with nothing of real value on her, she finds herself homeless at a pretty young age. Alone most of the time, Noemi wandered the continent as she felt that she must keep moving, meeting good and bad people along the way. Some people would treat her like dirt and others would take pity on her and invite her to stay at their place. Never wanting to be a burden, Noemi never stayed at a person’s home for more than a couple of weeks and in the meantime, she would do her best to help out the family to pay them back for their kindness. However, people like that were few and far between, so Noemi had to learn how to take care of herself. She did everything from odd jobs to various scams, including false fortunetelling. 

As she is asleep, she is often caught trying to decide if her dreams are really only dreams or if they are fragments of her memory returning to her. Within such dreams she often sees a nondescript man who seems to often guide her in learning various skills. Her first dream with him, he calls her “Noemi” and later in frustration to her ignoring him calls out “Noemi Mayou!”. She awakes from that first dream unsure if that was her name but eventually decides to go by it regardless. In another dream with him she learns to read the common written language of the world and in another she dreams that the man taught her how to use ten, zetsu, ren, and even a few moves of her hatsu. Without really even knowing what they were, as the man in the dream did not name the moves but rather explained it to her and had mentioned she had a unique ability, she decides to practice it out in the real world. It wasn’t until after meeting Sunize that she learned what her abilities were and was able to draw them out to their full potential.  

A year after losing her memories, she found herself lost in a large city and to her luck three men had targeted her and started to stalk her. Noemi, to her terror, eventually found herself cornered and knew that the odds of anyone coming to save her were slim to none. She had only one option, to fight even though she did not know how. Using her wit she ended up distracting one guy long enough to get a clean hit on him and he dropped to the floor unconscious. The other two guys, now enraged, charged at her but much to Noemi’s own surprise her body seemed to know what to do, almost as if it was moving by itself. Miraculously, she wins the fight and takes everything of value from her unconscious enemies. However, she was badly injured from the fight: swollen face, broken fingers and ribs, slight concussion, and various cuts. She limped through the city until her body could no longer hold out and passed out on the street—this is when she was found by Mr. and Mrs. Wakahisa who brought her back to their place and nursed her back to health. The Wakahisa’s were an old couple who were in their 90s yet still acted like they were young newlyweds, much to Noemi’s surprise, and treated her as if she were their own granddaughter. After she was healed they insisted she stay with them until she recovered her memories and oddly enough Noemi was attracted to their charm and agreed to stay a bit longer. One day, after being with the couple for three months which was the longest she had ever stayed in one place, Noemi was found admiring an old hair stick of Mrs. Wakahisa. Later that week they threw her a birthday party, on February 20th, and she received two gifts from the couple: the hair stick of Mrs. Wakahisa that she was admiring and a short sword with charms that match for her protection and to this day she always keeps them on her. (The hair stick and sword she uses.) Her philosophy today also steams from what she was taught by Mr. Wakahisa as he would often describe people’s characters being of infinite shades of grey but that nobody was completely black or white. Shortly after her one year anniversary of meeting the couple, the two passed away in their sleep. 

After laying the two to rest, side-by-side, Noemi mourned the loss of the only two people she knew in the world. She stayed in the house for week after in order to send a letter to the couples remaining relatives and to prepare to continue her journey. She sets her eyes on York New as it would be a good place to make money be it in an honest or dishonest way. Shortly after her arrival she meets Sunize. . . in a unique way… and ultimately the two become friends and create the organization, Tsuinsunēku. (Don’t worry we’ll go more into that later Wink ) 

My Nen

Nen Type: Specialization 

Nen Ability: Dream/nightmare manipulation

Key points of basic powers/abilities/capabilities: 

Attack people in their dreams
Observe dreams (gather Intel)
Induce good or bad dreams
Subconscious manipulation/subliminal messaging (plant a seed of fear and vice versa)
Dream sensing: Locate people by dream 
Induce insomnia so people can’t fall asleep (can over time kill a person from lack of sleep)

Conditions on basic powers/abilities/capabilities:

Inducing good or bad dreams:  I can manipulate dreams By inducing good and bad dreams

Condition: Part of the control of the dream is in the control of the dreamer. Much like tug-of-war, who will win out is up to the will and mental strength of the opponent. Example: I can make the dream go into a nightmare and the person can be falling but the person can dream they can fly if they have the will to get over their emotions and think of some solution (also has to be strong enough to push my influence aside). 

Implanting Subliminal messages to control behavior:
Condition: Must give me an opening to get into their minds, most often with fear.

Locating in a dream: 
Condition: They have to be asleep and the closer I am to the person both physically and personally, the easier it will be to locate them.

Observing dreams to gather intel by an extension of Zetzu:  
Condition: Must be somewhat close to the  target to work better; This isn't necessary but it helps to find a person nearby or else it would be like a needle in a haystack. The target must be asleep at the time and the closer physically and personally we are the easier it is to make the connection. (A golden nen butterfly will go to target and land on them which will activate the skill?) 

Inducing insomnia: Will ask the enemy to make a bet, however both sides are unfavorable to the opponent. If he/she wins they will be feel crushingly tired and might fall asleep to which at that point I could then enter their dream to attack. If I win then the insomnia will kick in and will not release hold until either I say so or they are somehow able to break free from my influence. 

Named special abilities: 

Dream Prison:  I can trap people within the dream world but they can leave if they notice that there's something wrong (Notice something is off or that they're dreaming)

Conditions: There will be a "gateway" to leave the dream which is marked by an anomaly in the world. I have to already be in the person’s mind to release this ability. 

Dream Catcher/Nyx Transcends : I can absorb good and bad dreams then release it in the real world. Strength depends three points (I can gather from multiple sources): How vivid my own dreams or nightmares are, How much dream or nightmares I have stored (How strong my connection to them are) and How strong my connection is to the mind of an ally (Dream or nightmare borrowing.)

Condition: I can only manifest 4 things/creatures from dreams at a time and for only up to 20 minutes (10 if I have the max number out at once).

Vow/limitation: If I go over my time I will lose my eyesight for anywhere between 48 hours to a week depending on how much I go over. I can only also only use this ability once every 8 hours, in other words 3 times a day, or else the same fate will befall me. Absorbing a lot of dream “power” at once can mess with the user’s psyche and cause them to hallucinate or haunted by the dreams. Use with care.

Gilead's Balm: I can heal an ally while they sleep.

Condition: Healing is linked to the time asleep and so for more severe injuries it will require longer periods of sleeping. Healing is much slower if I use it on myself.

Morpheus’s Wrath: Whatever damage that is given to an enemy will be transported to their real body. As I induce certain types of dreams I can manipulate what appears in the dream or disappears such as the setting. Make the “gravity heavy or loose” make them start to fall, and make random people or things appear. Again this can be challenged as it is a sort of tug-of-war with the enemy.

Condition: However, they can get out of this by harming themselves in the dream (Damage from harming themselves in the dream world will not harm their physical bodies). I cannot be harmed within the dream, in theory but I can be pushed out of their dream if I am defeated in the dream. This is also very tiring to keep up. However, if the person is killed in the dream world before they realize the way out they will die in real life.

Vow: I will never use this on a member of Tsuinsunēku if I do all damage I give in the dream will go back to myself as well. I can only use this for an hour and for each passing minute my real body with be slashed. 

At this time Noemi only knows "Gilead's Balm", "Morpheus's Wrath", locating in a dream and dream observing, and subliminal messages.

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Sunize Sideswipe

Female Posts : 17
Join date : 2015-09-05
Age : 24
Location : Sleeping in the middle of a sunny afternoon.
Job/hobbies : Leader of Tsuinsunēku (14,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:13 pm


(Side-note: Yeah I Know it is a shame for you.)
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Hiro Yoway


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Location : Deep down in a cave
Job/hobbies : Digging stuff out, meeting people, hiking and taking a hot bath.

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:59 pm

Hiro Yoway
19 years old,
Short spiky brown hair / long curly hair (when left on its own for 2 months).
Broad nose, thick lips, large magnetic brown eyes and long eyelashes.

Overall slim build yet athletic.
Short black beard may appear depending on the outside temperature.
1,75m and 59kg // 5'9'' and 132lbs.

Nice to meet you too  Fab   

Clothing (use help from the full-colored drawing below) :
Dusty blue jacket, left sleeve has been ripped off. Lots of pockets ;
Tshirts, usually white or in any other bright color ;
Deep green gloves ;
Orange jeans, right knee covered by a round strapped guard ;
White leather boots with a zipper and black straps.
Black strip-shaped tatoos on both arms and my left shoulder.
Carrying at least one backpack with me has become a habit.
I have myopia and either resort to contact lenses or glasses.

Origin and background:
       I come from Meteor City.
       My parents Bara and Marcus were poor.
Both of them had to trim everyday in the darkness of the mines to earn enough for our family to survive. My brothers and I joined them from the age of 5, at first only carrying small pieces of coal to the chariots. At 8 we had to push these heavy trucks up the pits with our bare hands. At 10 we had become used to darkness, sturdy enough to use a pickaxe and dig up along the coal veins for hours.
None of us wore any shoes before reaching the age of 12.
       In late December of my 14th year, the accident happened.
Underground, my father’s legs got minced by a mining detonation. By the time he was brought up, he had been bleeding almost to death.
His last words were for Bara to keep on being a great lady, and for his boys to keep their hands clean.
       I never saw my mother cry after that day. She became more protective than a tiger and harder at work than anyone. After 2 years she caught the Red Fever which forcefully made her retire from mining. She switched to cooking at the worker’s cantina.
       That’s when my older and younger brothers (Ehm and Marrig) decided to leave Meteor City. Neither of our parents being down mining anymore, they felt it was a sign to discover the outside world.
       I stayed. Fond of digging since I had discovered strange stuff could be found among the rocks, I had a collection of curious items from the depths. When joining the fellow diggers at the pub, I would listen to those speaking of Hunters, able to go the ends of this world to find things defying imagination.

       At 17, I decided to prepare for the Hunter Exam. I’d go find lost cities myself, revealing them to people ! Thanks to the income as an Archeological Hunter, I could finally offer my mother a decent place to rest, and she would never have to work so hard anymore.
       After my hours of rough digging, I started training during the nights. Strengthening my body and soul, practicing martial arts till my body was burning.
       2 years later, I have finally saved enough cash to afford the journey. Time to depart !  Pb jelly time

Strengths and weaknesses :

Extremely curious and blessed with sharp eyes, I still may easily get distracted by my surroundings.
I'm agile and able to sprint like a bullet in a second, and fairly skilled at jujitsu.

While being passionate and devoted, I tend to trust people firsthand and often act recklessly.

Personality :

I am hyperactive. Even though I keep a quiet and serious appearance, it's often boiling on the inside.
Always trying to look at the better side of things, I like to meet people, cater for friends and strenghten bonds. I also love to discover new things and share knowledge.
Resorting to violence pains me deeply. Doesn't mean I can't pack some swift punches when needed.

Weaponry :
Rock-hard fists and striking kicks. Add devastating damages when wielding a pickaxe.
Conjured shield (Helping Hand, see below).

Nen Abilities (will be learned through traditional slow training after the Hunter Exam is over) :

Type: Conjurer 
Shining Thread
A rope appears from my right hand, emitting a green light in a 5 meter radius. Its length can be adjusted up to roughly 15 meters.
     Condition: Light can only work if the surrounding darkness makes it impossible to see.

Helping Hand
An hexagonal shield with a palm design in the center emerges from my left hand.
It can nullify all effects from opponents attacks, and absorb some aura to boost mine. 
With each attack absorbed, the shield grows thicker and wider, increasing its protective cover.
     Condition: Every time after being hit, the shield can be maintained for 10 more seconds. If during that time no other attack is blocked, it disappears, and can’t be summoned again for as many hours as the final number of attacks sustained.
     Vow : I won't ever use this against a friend.

Additional powers using Helping Hand (same condition apply) :
Palm Trick
The massive shield that is strapped to the left arm suddenly switches places and appears on the right arm. Perfect for covering a blind spot at the last second.
      Vow: I never trick the same person more than twice during a fight. Gotta pretend I'm honest.

Fist Bump
An attack blocked by the shield is repelled and its effects bounce back at the enemy.
     Condition : Helping Hand must have been summoned for at least 2 minutes before this power can be used.
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Sunize Sideswipe

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Job/hobbies : Leader of Tsuinsunēku (14,000 Jenny)

PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:13 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Approved Applications   

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Approved Applications
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